About Audit To Be

In control

Audit To Be was formed in September 2015 as a result of the combined efforts of the control departments of Stolp Advisors and Accountants and Kab West Accountants & Tax Advisors. 

Audit To Be stands for: “being audited to stay in control”. Audits are done for a reason, they are designed to demonstrate that you have a grip on your company and its finances, and that you remain in control.  It is our pleasure to support and advise you, to help you stay in command of your company.


We conduct independent (statutory) audits for the SME and non-profit sectors at our practice in Voorburg. The quality of our services is guaranteed by our AFM License and its system of quality control. Internationally, we work closely with other offices within the RBI accountancy network. Digitization also plays an important role in Audit To Be; our files are fully digital. We also take you through contemporary developments in the field of automation, process mining, and data analysis.

Our core values

Personal contact is important to us. Greater mutual involvement leads to better results. We don't shy away from challenges at Audit To Be; we enjoy putting our heads together to find ways of making improvements. Cooperation comes first in everything we do; with you, with international partners and within the team.

Nice to meet you!

Performing audit engagements is a specialty. Our accountants are well-educated and always up-to-date when it comes to current laws and regulations. This is a permanent team of people so you always know who you can turn to. Nice and convenient. Make an appointment via +31 70 3209355.

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