Many organizations have close ties with businesses abroad. We are affiliated with one of the best accountancy networks in the world: Russell Bedford International (RBI). Thanks to our alliance with Russell Bedford International, on your behalf Audit To Be has access to a worldwide network of professional service providers with local, practical and business experience.

Doing business internationally

If you have a company with a Dutch subsidiary abroad, your accountant can request an audit report for this specific company from Audit To Be after which a statement can be issued for the entire group. We also regularly act as a group accountant for Dutch parent companies with a foreign office or entity. In this case, we provide audit instructions to the colleagues abroad.


As a non-profit organization, you might apply for subsidies. We check to see if the money is being spent following European regulations. We are affiliated with RBI, the global network for accountants. Therefore, we are the only Dutch partner who is eligible to conduct subsidy audits for the European Union on behalf of the London organization Lubbock Fine Chartered Accountants. 

"Through this partnership, we have access to extensive expertise so that we can provide you with the best advice and support at an international level."

More information

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